META post: in­tro­duc­ing

Created: Sat Apr 20 12:10:18 CEST 2019

Last mod­i­fied: Fri May 10 15:12:57 CEST 2019

After some on­line-friends in­tro­duced me to Fediverse, I de­cided to run a small in­stance and see where it goes. I chose Pleroma in­stead of Mastodon.

screenshot of pleroma

Pleroma and Mastodon are dif­fer­ent im­ple­men­ta­tions of the same thing: a distributed so­cial net­work. It has got­ten pretty big re­cently. Servers can in­ter­act with other servers. It means that you can reg­is­ter on my server and fol­low users from else­where by us­ing their full-length identifier (mine is

Note that it does­n’t cost me a $ due to me be­ing a stu­dent. Also, I didn’t set it up in or­der to form a com­mu­nity of some sort; there are plenty enough com­mu­ni­ties on the in­ter­net. I just like to self-host stuff.

ContentGeneral pur­pose/​pro­gram­ming

(the fol­low­ing ap­plies if you register.)

You are pro­vided with an mail­box that matches the account’s user­name (free but lim­ited). I can also setup an alias.

Additionnaly, you get to man­age what­ever lies at


I needed to do a lot of plumb­ing in or­der to get it to work. The documentation is very poorly or­gan­ised and a bunch of fea­tures are simply left un­doc­u­mented.

Also Pleroma is sup­posed to be light­weight (compared to Mastodon). Well, I don’t know about the code­base but I as­sure you that un­der it lies some kind of never-seen-be­fore de­pen­dency hell.

List of things that did­n’t work out-of-the-box on Debian Stretch (that I had to up­grade to Buster by the way):

In de­fense of Pleroma, the is­sue I had with fed­er­a­tion was pretty uncommon.

People on the IRC are re­ally help­ful by the way.


Thanks to shibayashi, fw and sn0w for help­ing me.

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