Overthinking it?

Created: Fri Mar 22 00:55:02 CET 2019

Last mod­i­fied: Sun Mar 24 18:09:44 CET 2019

I might have lied when I said that I would­n’t pub­lish any other meta post. I just need to put a bunch of things on paper be­fore go­ing on with the blog.

The thing is I don’t like to write long posts. I don’t know how to write them prop­erly, at least that’s how I see it.

I also think there is some kind of in­com­pat­i­bil­ity be­tween the WHY and the HOW of this blog.

Long posts are there to mo­ti­vate my­self to learn some­thing, but I also want read­ers to en­joy the ride you get me?

If read­ers wanted to learn ex­actly what I learn, they should, too, host their own blog; not read mine. (If only that was a good idea to be­gin with.)

So I can’t pos­si­bly write long posts de­scrib­ing how I learned X” and the 587 steps be­hind it with a view for read­ers to en­joy it and ac­tu­ally learn some­thing ef­fi­ciently.

So what?

In con­clu­sion, the ry­thm of pub­li­ca­tion will be a bit slower. Might be a post every three days or some­thing like that.

I will try to write shorter and more use­ful posts. Posts that are read­able and could ac­tu­ally in­spire be­gin­ners and en­ter­tain intermediate or hob­by­ist pro­gram­mers like me.

Of course I’ll still pub­lish con­tent tar­geted at be­gin­ners. Just more smartly.

Be pa­tient un­til the next ar­ti­cle comes out (not nec­es­sar­ily about programming) and thanks for read­ing!

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