Manga re­view: Again!! by Mitsurou Kubo - No Spoilers Edition

Created: Thu Mar 14 13:46:11 CET 2019

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Again!! is one of those manga I’ve been fol­low­ing and are still go­ing on in my coun­try. Those in­clude Jojolion, Promised Neverland, Berserk, Golden Kamuy… I’m also buy­ing some older stuff but that’s not re­ally relevant here.

I’m not aware of any French trans­la­tion. I’ve been read­ing the US edition. Right now there are only six vol­umes out, the sev­enth is scheduled for next week.

The art is very pleas­ant, you get to see some nice fea­tures and pretty faces. Expect a bunch of re­al­ism.

The manga is not re­ally fo­cused on love sto­ries; more like a School + Slice of Life manga. You are fol­low­ing the ups and downs of an Ouendan which I be­lieve amer­i­cans would call a cheer­ing squad - led by a girl: Yoshiko Usami (see pic­ture above) who is in­ci­den­tally the squad’s only member. (The old mem­bers all parted ways to join other clubs a while ago.)

The MC, Kinichiro Imamura (see cover of the sec­ond vol­ume), be­comes a member of the Ouendan in the first chap­ters. He’s al­ways been a loner.

The Ouendan’s pur­pose is to cheer on the other clubs (ie. the base­ball team). While Imamura is try­ing to get the Ouendan back on his feets, captain Usami is way more im­pul­sive on that mat­ters and don’t like to resort to Imamura’s tricks to im­prove their im­age.

A lot hap­pens in the first six vol­umes, there is a lot of char­ac­ter development (I was ex­pect­ing every­one to round up around Usami and go “Omedeto!” at some point).

To sum it up, here are a few pros of the se­ries:

If you want some­thing cool to read, try again. Again!!

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