Where am I headed ?

Created: Mon Feb 25 23:34:54 CET 2019

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This will prob­a­bly be the only META post in this blog so I’ll try to be as fore­see­ing as I can.

How much time do you have to work on this ?”

Until September, when I’ll en­ter a CS pri­vate school, I have all the free time I want to learn new things and to talk about it on here.

It means, (1) that I will have enough time to an­swer to every com­ment, (2) enough time to edit posts for mis­takes, and (3) even enough time to write about some­thing that you sug­gest.

Why ?”

I have no par­ti­cluar rea­son of hav­ing a blog. I use it to take notes of things. Now I’m also try­ing to make these notes read­able.

You seem to write at ran­dom,

some­times writ­ing about Lisp, some­times about C, some­times about Japanese…”

Aaaaaaand it won’t get any bet­ter.

Anyway, since I fi­nally no­ticed that I ac­tu­ally have read­ers I will try to or­ga­nize fu­ture posts into se­ries; even though I will con­tinue the random post­ing in be­tween.

Why do I do this ? Simply be­cause this has been my way of learn­ing things since for­ever. When I’m stuck at some­thing, I usu­ally brute­force it for like sev­eral weeks; which can be pretty dis­heart­en­ing at times. When times like these oc­cur, I switch down to an­other do­main of in­ter­est only to come back af­ter a cer­tain time. (Often to find deal­ing with the ~hard topic eas­ier than the first time.)

It does­n’t mean that I never work onto some­thing straight from A to Z, it just ex­plains why I seem to work through 2 or 3 books at the same time.

Will you ever write posts in French ?”

Maybe. But if I do, it will be on an­other blog.

What are some off-topic things that you like ?”

Those in­clude but are not lim­ited to,

Those are the top­ics I’m the most likely to write about at this time. Other do­main of in­ter­ests in­clude world his­tory, to il­lus­trate this.

Are stu­pid ques­tions au­tho­rized in the com­ment sec­tion ?”

They are en­cour­aged.

Is it okay to post re­ac­tions in com­ments ?”

It cer­tainly is.

In fact I would be flat­tered.

Can I com­ment on very old post ?”

You can.

Do you plan on writ­ing about dif­fi­cult top­ics ?”

Yes I do. I was good at maths back in high school and I plan on continuing be­ing just as good by learn­ing more about the the­ory be­hind computer sci­ence.

I’ll write about (ie.) data struc­tures and neural net­works with a bit of maths in mind, al­though I won’t throw black boxes for­mu­laes ever­where on the page just to dis­cour­age you; don’t worry.

Now re­mem­ber that due to eng­lish not be­ing my ma­ter­nal lan­guage, there are things I sim­ply cannot write about yet be­cause of a lack of vocabulary, al­though I’m work­ing on this.

Also I am not a math teacher so I can help read­ers grasp what a par­tial derivative is when deal­ing with neural net­works but that’s all.

How do I keep track of new posts ?”

I’m us­ing some soft­ware to keep track of changes; new posts in­cluded.

Just add this feed to your favorite news­reader.

When a new post is out, the mes­sage will tell you so. It will also con­tain every sin­gle change I make to ear­lier posts and to the sta­tic site gen­er­a­tor.

On the same mat­ter, I plan on us­ing the /last di­rec­tory to hold a copy of the last post.

You can also click on the Neocities but­ton on top-right to get some minor up­dates.

How can I help you ?”

In that or­der.

Now for the bor­ing ques­tions.

Will there be ads or any­thing like that on the site ?”

Clearly, no. First of all I would­n’t make any money out of it and sec­ond of all it might an­noy cer­tain read­ers.

I am not against ad­ver­tis­ing in gen­eral. There just will be no ads on this site.

How much does it cost to run this blog ?”

If you still have ques­tions: ask them in the com­ments. Personal questions are, of course, au­tho­rized.

Thanks for read­ing,

See you in space :)

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