Neocities API client from a sin­gle C header file

Created: Thu Feb 21 06:52:35 CET 2019

Last mod­i­fied: Thu Feb 21 06:52:35 CET 2019

I’m french, mean­ing that when I code, I do it while drink­ing a hot chocolate.

So I’ve been work­ing on this for a few hours now and I feel like writ­ing a post about it.

It was a day full of new ex­pe­ri­ences since I got to use libcurl for the first time ever; w/ no prior HTTP knowl­edge other than oh god I know this, it’s an header.” I also used lib­j­son-c for no par­tic­u­lar rea­son.

The source is hosted right here.

I even put an ex­am­ple file in here so that I don’t have to write code in this post.

Rendez-vous next week (or don’t) for an­other one of those project-of-the-day.

source code