My way of learn­ing Japanese hi­ra­ganas

Created: Fri Feb 15 14:08:23 CET 2019

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Tools needed (in the or­der you’ll use them)

It should cost around 10 eu­ros, but you can al­ways make do by us­ing a pen you found on your desk and a stack of printer pa­per.

You won’t be us­ing Anki un­til you’re done with the work­books.

Make it a rule to write the ro­maji coun­ter­part in the same square. For example, せ and se.

Each time you feel like it, write down every sin­gle hi­ra­gana you know on a post-it or some blank pa­per.

The day has come: you wrote down every sin­gle of the forty six hiraganas.

Either (1) keep go­ing with work­books (2) switch to Anki.


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